CBD Hemp Lotion

A luxurious yet light CBD face cream that quickly absorbs into the skin, this daily moisturiser wears well under primer or makeup  — with a refreshing hint of scent that disappears in seconds. Plus, it benefits all types of skin — dry, oily, normal, combination, or mature —  thanks to its star ingredient. For best results, massage CBD face cream onto your face and neck each morning after using the CBD toner. Add CBD drops to your morning matcha and greet the day with zen energy. 



Japanese Knotweed is rich in skin-plumping resveratrol, while Licorice Extract gives a boost of radiance to the complexion. 



CBD regulates the formation of sebum, balancing both dry and oily complexions to maintain the perfect moisture level for your skin. Chamomile supports the skin with gentle hydration. 



Chamomile heals damage from the sun* and, along with Chinese Skullcap, fights against harmful pollution. CBD reduces the everyday effects of stress and inflammation on the skin. 

*Note: CBD face cream does not contain SPF.  



Cica repairs the skin’s natural barrier, locking in moisture while reducing scarring and surface damage.


Hemp Protein

The hemp seed powder is a high source of vegan protein. It contains over 20 amino acids along with other nutrients like Omega 6- and Omega-3 fatty acids, fiber and vitamins. Hemp seed powder is generally termed as a super food.

Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp seed oil has multiple benefits when consumed or applied on the skin. It is a high source of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. 80% of it is polyunsaturated fats and is a great supplement for diabetics. When applied in the skin, oxygenation and hydration can be achieved without clogging up the pores.

CBD Serum

his silky CBD face serum glides smoothly on application. Perfect for using before your night cream and after CBD eye serum, the rich oil-based texture doesn’t leave any sticky residue or heavy perfume. Instead, the nourishing ingredients of the CBD face serum sink straight into your skin. While you rest, repair your skin with this powerful blend of natural actives formulated to support all skin types. For the glow from within, add CBD drops to your nighttime routine to ensure a peaceful sleep. 



CBD and Rose Oil work together to improve blood circulation, dryness, and fine lines.



Vitamin E provides deep hydration and defense against dark spots, keeping your skin bouncy and even-toned. 



A hero ingredient for skin conditions, CBD calms down flares of pimples, acne, razor burn, and rosacea. Along with astringent Geranium Oil and antiseptic Bitter Orange Extract, it balances excess sebum to keep your skin soft and healthy.


CBD oil is an extract of Cannabis indica or Cannabis sativa—the same plants that, when dried, make marijuana. CBD oil is believed by some to treat pain, reduce anxiety, and stimulate appetite in the same way that marijuana does, but without its psychoactive effects. 

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