About Hemp

Environmental Benefits

 From cleaning air to regenerating soil and providing a habitat for wildlife, hemp is great for the planet and has many environmental benefits, plain and simple. For every ton of Hemp about 1.63 tons of CO2 is absorbed which makes them more efficient than trees. Hemp also requires little to no pesticides or fertilizers to grow and can grow without access to much water. Their roots grow to about 9 feet deep helping in negating soil erosion and are also deployed in areas where soil regeneration is required. It not only regenerates the soil but is also one of the few plants which pumps nutrients back into the soil making the earth around it much healthier. It has been successfully used in areas of nuclear disaster to soak up radiation. Lastly every part of the hemp plant is used to make products from the seeds to the stem to the leaves. Over 25,000 products can be currently made from them including paper which can help us greatly reduce our reliability on trees and reduce deforestation


Nutritional Benefits

 Hemp Seed is categorized as a super food. The oil that is derived from it is extremely high in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids and packed with 20 other essential ammino acids. The hemp seed powder is a high source for protein only bested by soy in the plant world. It is also a great source for Vitamin B, Calcium, Iron and Fiber.


Cosmetic Benefits

 The oil derived from hemp seeds and certain chemicals derived from the hemp plant has like CBD have amazing effects on hair and skin care.

About CBD

CBD is a naturally occurring chemical in the Hemp plant which has which is known to have may positive effects on the body and mind.