Priyanka Yoshikawa, Miss World Japan 2016

MUKOOMI is my life’s ambition, bottled. It represents who I am, and what I want to share with the world.

The name MUKOOMI is an expression of my background, but more than that, it’s a dedication to those who also find beauty in diversity. ‘MUKOOMI’ is a play on the Japanese words mukou (向こう) – ‘beyond’ and ‘miru’ (見る) – to see.

I was born in Tokyo, my father is Indian, and my mother is Japanese. When I was young, I moved to the US with my mom, where I lived for a number of years before relocating to India to discover my heritage. In the US and India, I saw people from all backgrounds, all different walks of life, and it opened my eyes as to what it means to be of mixed heritage.

MUKOOMI is based in Japan, but it goes beyond nationality, identity, gender, or skin type. It’s for you!