East Hemp Company recognizes the dangers present day businesses pose to our planet and the environment.  We appreciate all the resources presently given to us and our always looking for ways to contribute positively to it. Our main ingredient being Hemp allows us to make a carbon positive impact on the planet by contributing to clean air and soil nutrition.


Ethical Trade Practices

It is important to respect and help grow all the people, communities, cultures and families that contribute to your organization. From the farmers to the manufacturers to the traders and the consumers, we believe that the only way forward is to ensure, fairness and quality to everyone in the value chain.

Carbon Positive

Its our endeavor to only work with products that allow us to center our business around the core value of creating a carbon positive footprint on the planet. Together we must work towards a better and cleaner planet for future generations to enjoy and East Hemp Company takes this responsibility very seriously.

Quality Products

We look across the globe for manufacturers who can deliver us with the absolute best products out there. Our products are sourced from multiple countries to deliver the absolute best for our customers.

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